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Designing Quality Web Site


Website is one of the last tool added to business means of communication. We have a feeling, websites are going to change really the way  businesses  introduce themselves and communicate with their customers. 

On the main signs of stores we will see the website name of the business. Each product name can be a website name to give all necessary information about that product. On business cards the website name is going to be the most important part of information .The website will be the most complete and convenient way to present a company. 



      1 - Clear understanding of the goal  of the    website ( to sell, to inform, to educate....)

(For sure the goal shouldn't be impressing   the customer or to show off the skill of the web designer.)

       2- Gathering the information

       3- Organizing the information

       4- Structure the web

       5- Developing the web




Name registration and Account setup 50.00 ( Registration fee and hosting excluded)
Home Page Design 250.00
Each Extra Page Design 50.00
Maintenance & Management

Depending on the contract

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